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Our coaches take members through the warm-up together, then strength and skills, before finally moving onto the workout of the day. The whole hour is led and monitored by each coach. Each and every session you will leave feeling empowered and stronger.

crossfit coach doing a muscle up

Scott Carreira

A business owner, a firefighter, a husband, a father and a role model to many. I started learning about fitness and coaching over 10 years ago and have never looked back since. I moved to Cobourg over five years ago with a dream. A dream to create and be a part of something bigger than myself. Aside from enjoying a workout or two my other interests are any sport and the outdoors. Boating, fishing, camping, anything outside I am a huge fan of. Growing up I was the kid that played every sport I could be involved in. Moving from a small northern town, Cobourg is my home now.

Each and everyday I wake up and am so grateful for being able to coach and teach people about something I am so very passionate about. I coach because I love helping others. Seeing someone else’s success is truly an amazing feeling. When someone opens them self up and really recognizes what they are capable of it’s breathtaking. I am talking about life, not just in the gym. Moving your body is truly a gift, we all should do more of it.

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Bud Tinney

My name is Bud Tinney. I am one of the co-owners at CrossFit Cobourg. I have been coaching CrossFit for 7+ years now. I fell in love with CrossFit from my very first workout. When I enjoy something whole heartedly I share it with every person I cross paths with. That is how coaching began for me. The reason I get out of bed each and every day is to share my passion for fitness, and to help blaze a trail for others to build the absolute best version of themselves.

I think there is something truly magical about moving your body and challenging its physical capabilities on a daily basis. CrossFit is just as much a physical workout as it is a psychological workout. If our bodies feel more capable, our minds become more capable. Helping others realize their true potential is the most rewarding feeling for me as a coach.

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Coach Keith

Fitness has been a big part of my life for over twenty years. The activity has changed with time from endurance sports, bodybuilding, powerlifting, olympic lifting, calisthenics to stretching. I have been an NCCP Level 2 Weightlifting Coach for eight years and am currently working on a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition. I adopted a simple three step approach to training that I like to share with people 1. Enjoy what you’re doing. 2. Train ridiculously hard. 3. Don’t care what you look like.

Coach Jenny Foote

Coach Jenny

I have been a part of CrossFit Cobourg for 5 years. When Bud first told me about the gym I was a little hesitant. After some convincing he got me through the door. I have never looked back since. I am so glad he kept pushing me. Being a member at CrossFit Cobourg has transformed my life. I went from being the shy girl, who would hide in the back and barely say two words to a woman who is now at the front of the class helping others through their Crossfit journey. I coach because I love helping people, showing them that the possibilities are endless with hardwork and perseverance.

Coach Jubba

Coach Jubba

My name is Jubba, former owner of Jubba Sausage & Dogs. I am currently a Physiotherapist at Northumberland Hills Hospital and Coach at CrossFit Cobourg. I was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 by my high school math teacher, and loved it. Shortly after, I also began coaching CrossFit out of my backyard gym, and eventually did my CrossFit Level 1 Certification in 2013.

I train to feel good, healthy, happy, have fun with friends, and for the love of the odd competition. I coach because I enjoy helping others experience all of these benefits of CrossFit as well. I love helping people develop confidence and strength in their body so they can enjoy life outside of the gym even more as well. Apart from CrossFit, I love skateboarding, spikeball, golfing, slacklining, snowboarding, hanging out with friends, and visiting my family on Manitoulin Island.

Coach Andrew

Coach Andrew

I joined the Crossfit Cobourg team in 2016, and could not think of another gym to train at. Bud and Scott are two of the most knowledgeable people I have met, and help people achieve their goals. I am a very dedicated athlete, playing sports such as hockey, lacrosse, and rugby growing up.

When I found Crossfit in 2011, a new level of training entered my life; the atmosphere in the gym is like no other feeling, especially when your training to be the best person you can be alongside your teammates. I take great pride in my training, and am always excited to help others reach their goals. Whether you strive to grow in a sport, or just want to live a healthy lifestyle, I am here to help you achieve your goals.

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Coach Shelby

I grew up playing every sport under the sun. the biggest assets I always brought to my teams were fitness and work ethic. This made CrossFit a perfect fit for me because it’s literally about who the hardest work in the room is, not just on the competition floor but every day before that too.

As I was retiring from playing university/minor sports I had just started trying out CrossFit and naturally fell in love with it making the transition from no longer being a varsity athlete of some kind which had always been my life much easier. I’ve always loved trying new things and trying to push my body physically in a variety of different ways. For me it wasn’t about being the number 1 soccer player or hockey player or gymnast or runner in the world, it was about being extremely competitive at as many things as I could together.

I’ve always loved pushing my body and mind to the limits. CrossFit allows me to mix everything I love about sports, the strength aspect with things like weightlifting, the endurance aspects like running and long workouts, the gymnastics like hspu’s handstand walking, muscle ups, rope climb etc… and while I don’t take anything away from people who excel in one specific thing I love the idea of being so well rounded that you can be competitive in anything that’s thrown at you. I like the idea of mixing everything the human body is capable of all into one by being able to lift competitive numbers in weight and then 5 minutes later being able to run a competitive 10km time.

I think when we train our bodies this way we celebrate everything we are capable of and we also set ourselves up for success in more than just the gym. It allows us to be better in our professional lives because we aren’t afraid to learn and try new things. It gives us a bigger buffer to stay healthy when illness arises. It allows us to adapt when the whole world shuts down because of a global pandemic… the point being when you train your body and mind to be strong in every given circumstance you set yourself up to be successful even when external factors that you don’t have control over are working against you.

The final thing that draws me to CrossFit is the community that really is like none other. Whether you are training to compete or training for longevity everyone can do it together and be in an atmosphere where everyone wants the best for you and will help push you to be better every single day. When the buzzer goes at the end of that 40 minute work out, it doesn’t matter what your end goal is, everyone is there to high five one another and celebrate each other’s success.

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Coach Baran

My love for being active stems from the age of 4 where I began playing soccer. This sport was a massive part of my life all the way up to age 20. My passion for fitness grew from soccer and transitioned into the gym shortly after high school. This is when I committed myself to a powerlifting/bodybuilding training regimen. I was only a few months into my training when my mom suggested to me that I check out the 2015 CrossFit Games Documentary, “The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth”. I instantly became very interested in the CrossFit world.

However, it wasn’t until almost a little over 4 years later that I began CrossFit training.

I always knew that my career path would be through fitness because when I thought of anything else, it just didn’t feel like I was being true to myself. My love for looking deeper into the mindset of myself and others when pursuing a goal in life, and especially physically, drives my desire to learn and help more people work out, eat better, and live better lives. It was my last semester at Fleming College where I was required to complete my co-op placement at a gym. The timing was perfect as I was getting very “bored” with my training and knew I needed to switch it up. CrossFit had always been in the back of my head so I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to change my fitness. I chose to do my co-op at CrossFit Cobourg and loved my experience to close out my diploma. Those experiences grew my passion and hunger for my own CrossFit training, coaching others, and personal training.

I now have my own personal training business where I help people commit to overcoming their own adversity and resistance to help pave the way to living better lives and seeing an improved version of themselves.

We don't just care about fitness.

We care about you.

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