CrossFit Cobourg

Success Stories

Tammy Markland

tammy-marklandI attended my first class with a good friend feeling very anxious and unsure of how I would feel about regular visits to a gym.

Although I have always seen myself as healthy – my main form of physical exercise consisted of walking and running my two children around. I work full time in a retail environment with early mornings everyday – so at the end of the day I always found myself exhausted.

My first visit to the gym was with Scott as our trainer. He was welcoming, and he carefully explained & demonstrated each movement. I quickly learned what burpee boxjumps and dislocates were with the very first WOD – and also how they will look with time and practice. At the end of this first hour I was tired – but ready to commit to coming twice a week.

With every class Scott continued to push us a little harder and the movements that were challenging during the first few workouts were now done with a little more grace and perhaps “skill.”

One month into my time at Find Your Fitness (now known as CrossFit Cobourg) I noticed a huge improvement in my energy level, my self confidence and my ability to complete each WOD. The movement that I once thought was a “boxjump” was a “step up” for me in the beginning. After one month in, Im hooked!! I’ve now committed to an unlimited membership and typically make it to the gym 5-6 times a week. I’ve found the time to make myself a priority and work on my own health.

Over Christmas break my time at the gym was spent with my workout buddies and BUD. Bud is also very passionate about CrossFit and took us through each WOD with his spin on things. Both he and Scott have been patient, supportive and continue to push us to our limits. I’ve enjoyed our team workouts, small classes and the positive atmosphere.

I look forward to many more workouts with my new friends at CrossFit Cobourg. The results are obvious to me now as I feel so much better than I used to just a short time ago. Cheers to a healthy, happy journey!

Scott and Bud – You guys are amazing! (High Five !!)

Bridget Northam

bridget-northamWhen people say time flys I would have to agree with that statement. It seems just like yesterday I walked through the doors of Find Your Fitness now known as CrossFit Cobourg. It has been 6 months since I made the best decision to change my lifestyle.

Let me take you back 6 months where it all began and where I am today.

I was a 42yr old single mother of 2, overweight, low self esteem, zero confidence, basically I was unhappy and not living my life to it’s full potential. I was living a very negative lifestyle.

Earlier in 2013 I got the biggest scare of my life and decided it was time to make some lifestyle adjustements. My biggest joy in life are my kids and family. I was going to lose them and that scared me. So that woke me up and brought things into perspective. I needed to change.

As nervous as I was, I got the courage to walk through those doors and I haven’t looked back since. I was greeted with open arms, smiles and most importantly an atmosphere that felt like you belong there, “family.”

If you are still with me so far that’s awesome!! Let me tell you about the trainers, Bud and Scott, they are amazing young gentlemen. They are both energetic, enthusiastic, caring, and passionate about CrossFit. Lastly they know how to make things fun. You will never see a frown on either of these men. They go above and beyond personal training.

I turned 43 this year. I’m now feeling 100% healthier, I am physically and mentally stronger too. As you can see my self esteem and confidence has grown because that’s me in the picture. It wasn’t easy getting to where I am, however; it was very enjoyable hard work. The best part is you are doing it with amazing people.

Tresa Puddy

tresa-puddy“I’m not skinny, I’m fit.”

Never would I have thought those words would come out of my mouth, but they did. What a journey the last seven months have been. When I first walked into CrossFit Cobourg I wanted to lose some weight, shrink my gut and wear a tank top; now I do back squats (with weights), thrusters and pull ups.

WOW, I’m awesome!

Or at least thats how I feel every time I go into the gym. I did not achieve this state of awesomeness by myself; it is with the constant support and encouragement that the coaches, Scott and Bud, give. They are there every step of the way to motivate, challenge and keep you going, these guys are what make CrossFit Cobourg so great. They know when to push and how to challenge you. The atmosphere in the gym is positive and exciting and not the least bit intimidating, this is a direct reflection of the coaches and the energy they radiate.

Now I’ve lost some weight, shrunk my gut and can wear a tank top, but I have my eye on another prize: strict pull ups, man pushups and, perfect for me, squats. I know with the support and encouragement from Scott, Bud and my fellow CrossFitters, I will achieve these goals in no time.

I tell anyone who will listen how much I love CrossFit, they should give it a try and will be hooked after the very first class.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Zagler